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Its melting capacity of 75,000 tons per year makes ACO Guss GmbH in Kaiserslautern one of Europe's leading foundries that looks back on experience and tradition accumulated since the 19th century. As a member of the ACO Group, we belong to a strong and healthy family-owned enterprise.

We invest continuously in extending and modernising our plant. In our leading-edge production facility, our moulding line produces sophisticated customised castings in all material grades, while our continuous-casting lines produce concast iron of the ACO Eurobar® brand.

We are proud that ACO is the brand of choice for many customers coming from, for example, power and systems engineering, railway technology, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, building machinery, pump construction, hydraulics, and many other sectors.

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Realignment ACO Guss:

Foundry as full-service provider for machined parts in machine-moulded casting and continuous casting

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New: Vermicular iron castings resistant to changing temperatures for commercial vehicles and the railway industry

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Preferred Supplier der Bosch Gruppe

In 2016 as before, ACO Eurobar is a preferred supplier of the Bosch group

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Products for rail vehicles from ACO

ACO Guss obtains the Product Qualification for the Manufacturing of Rail Vehicle Products of Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany Railways).
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