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ACO Guss: a modern and sustainable foundry with tradition

Founded in 1898 as „Guss- und Armaturwerk“, ACO Guss GmbH has a long history and tradition based upon competence and expertise in iron founding. The foundry in Kaiserslautern was taken over by the ACO Group in 1997 and the past two decades have seen substantial investments at the site.

With a production of 75,000 tonnes of liquid iron per annum, ACO Guss is a technically-advanced and sustainable company that ranks among the leading iron foundries in Europe. This achievement can above all be ascribed to our motivated and experienced specialists, whose personal commitment and enthusiasm have been critical for the development of a successful and sustainable operation.

The ACO Guss Group has various production and sales companies with their own stocks throughout Europe and in South Africa. They ensure competent local customer support as well as availability and quick delivery of our products in every region.

Strength in three areas of competence: machine-moulded casting, continuous casting and construction casting

The success of our foundry is based upon competence in three areas of activity: as well as classic construction casting, ACO manufactures machine-moulded components and continous-cast bars. This competence is reflected via supply of demanding cast parts such as used in drainage systems for the construction industry, brake discs for rail vehicles, components for transmissions or for applications in the pump and hydraulics segments.

Information about our company policy can be obtained by mail request.