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Products and areas of application

ACO Guss manufactures components that are used in almost all sectors of industry. Customers appreciate our manufacturing expertise to help realise their individual ideas, and our flexibility to handle small- and medium-size production runs even for parts with complicated shape.

With the manufacturing capabilities at our disposal, we realise customer-specific solutions with piece weights up to 150 kg. Through intelligent support in product development and reliability of supply in series production, our aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.

Below we give some examples of how our cast products are used.

Mechanical and constructional engineering

ACO Guss supplies a wide range of castings with special requirements for the leading German industrial and innovation sector, e.g. for installation in machines for processing of metals, wood and textiles.

Railway technology

The railway technology sector demands compliance with extremely high safety standards. Examples of products that ACO Guss manufactures are axle housings and brake discs for rail vehicles as well as sleeper pads for permanent way from high-quality ductile iron (GJS) and vermicular graphite iron (GJV).

Pump and hydraulics industry

This sector in particular poses the toughest requirements on our know-how in making cores. For example, all pumps which work to guarantee the energy supply on ships contain cast components from ACO. Even under the most severe conditions, our cast parts like casings, connection plates, pistons, covers and such, have proven themselves in terms of service life.

Automotive and agricultural machinery

As examples, ACO Guss produces cast parts for gantry axis transmissions in hard-working off-road vehicles as well as pinion cages for 8-speed transmissions in commercial vans. In modern touring coaches, panels manufactured by ACO ensure secure fastening of the air-conditioning unit. We also manufacture castings which form part of the most up-to-date suspension assemblies in motor vehicles.

For our partners in the agricultural-machine segment, we manufacture components for drives, power transmissions and accessories to demanding quality standards.

Transmissions and motors

Pitch gearboxes, automatic and outsize gearboxes, and electric motors are applications where our castings can be found. Pinion cages in GJS and ADI with a wide range of dimensions are manufactured on our modern automated moulding line.


In the competence area construction casting, ACO Guss GmbH has traditionally been a strong internal partner for other ACO Group companies, with departments for concrete and machining as well as a central logistics operation. ACO ‘s know-how in combination with the experience gained from many years of market leadership is reflected in the products that are manufactured for applications within civil-engineering, building and drainage technology. These include manhole covers as well as inlet grids for drainage made of cast iron and concrete and cast components used in drainage of buildings.