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The ACO Guss competence chain

ACO Guss is focussed on customer satisfaction with the full-service concept “GussPlus”. We strive to collaborate with our customers in a spirit of partnership. We co-operate closely throughout the entire process encompassing development, production and finishing, thus enabling us to deliver customer-specific, high-quality and cost-effective products. By offering comprehensive after-sales service and support, ACO Guss remains a reliable speaking partner even after delivery.

Learn more about every part of the ACO Guss Competence Chain and know-how in our various areas of competence.

In close co-operation with our clients, we have the technical competence to develop products with an optimum combination of high quality and low cost and with the shortest possible time between concept and production.

We consistently invest in process optimisation and automation, setting standards by employing innovative pouring and load simulation methods and the latest 3-D design software.

The ACO Guss casting experts can assist you with, for example:

  • Part optimisation
  • Casting process MAGMASOFT® simulation software
  • Feasibility analysis

We offer our customers:

  • A melting shop, which is ideally suited to handle even short- and medium-sized production runs in a cost-effective way.
  • Competence with all cast iron material grades (GJL, GJS, GJV, ADI)
  • An efficient core making shop for the production of core-intensive castings

Melting shop / Material grades:

  • Melting capacity of 75,000 tonnes/year
  • 4 medium-frequency induction furnaces, each 10 tons
  • 2 wire-treatment machines for exact process control in the production of material grades GJL, GJS, GJV, high-silicon cast iron, ADI

Machine moulding

  • Automatic HWS moulding line
  • Moulding-box size 1,000x1,000x250/250 mm
  • Cast parts up to max. 150 kg
  • Automatic pouring system, flexible cooling line

Core-making shop

  • 5 modern core shooters up to a volume of 40 litres
  • Cold box method
  • Core assembly, core coating


  • Sandblasting, fettling
  • Internal blasting, endoscopy
  • Priming, painting
  • Packaging according to specification, VCI

One-stop supplier – we can offer a complete solution for your finished cast parts thanks to:

  • an extensive in-house machine park for sawing, turning, peeling, milling, coating, assembling
  • and a network of external partners for machining of finished parts

Ready-to-assemble cast components are increasingly required by our customers. Consequently, one of the centrepieces in our portfolio is the expanded possibilities for machining. Thanks to a modern machine park and the network of competent partners, ACO Guss today also supplies fully-finished cast components ready for assembly, for example pinion cages, brake discs or pump housings.

Satisfied customers are our primary goal. GussPlus means quite simply that ACO Guss not only furnishes a high-quality cast product, but also complements with a range of accompanying services, such as

  • planning and optimisation
  • support and consultation
  • after-sales service

High-calibre cast parts in ACO quality

In addition to excellent service, quality plays a decisive role for us. For us, monitoring without any compromises is a matter of course so that the high quality of your cast products is assured. ACO Guss uses modern testing technology and qualified specialist personnel to follow and guarantee quality throughout the entire production process.

This includes:

  • loading tests
  • assessment of surface condition
  • penetrant testing/dye penetrant testing
  • endoscopy/visual inspection of cavities
  • FARO ScanArm (tactile and non-contact measurement)
  • testing of moulding materials
  • geometry measurement
  • GOM - optical 3D measurement
  • hardness testing
  • notched-bar impact testing
  • core bend strength
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • magnetic particle test
  • testing of mechanical properties
  • metallography
  • surface roughness measurement
  • chemical analysis using optical spectroscopy
  • stereomicroscopy
  • thermal analysis
  • ultrasonic testing
  • eddy-current testing
  • tensile strength

We also carry out customer-specific tests on request, and issue test certificates. For further information on the individual testing procedures please contact us.